We wanted to express our most profound gratitude to the following individuals for their generosity.  Their financial support fuels our quest in bringing the majesty of Baroque music to the masses for the sake of reviving a sacred art form.

Platinum Patrons

Mrs. Germaine Jacobs-Taylor

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Irene Tomkinson

Mr. H. Scott Wedgbury & Mr. Yutaka Akita

Gold Patrons

Ms. Michelle Horowitz

Mr. Roger A. & Mrs. Cynthia A. Johnston

Ms. Michelle A. Molina

Ms. Elizabeth McConaughy

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Katharine Schoellerman

Silver Patrons

Mr. Mike and Mrs. Jane Burke 

Mr. Ronald and Ada Jennings

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Anna-Carolina Khoury, Jr.

Mr. Lacy & Mrs. Nikki Marlette

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Julie Pearce

Bronze Patrons

Ms. Carol Baker

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jane Bard

Ms. Jane Casanova

Mr. Jeremy Chen

Mr. John and Mrs. Jennifer Condas

Mr. Richard Lowrey

Ms. Julia Metzger

Mr. Tim J. Molnar

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Morrison

Mr. Rufus and Mrs. Gretchen Rhoades

Mr. Vernon Rosario

Mrs. Judith Sojka

Special Patrons

Mr. Larry Allen

Ms. Deborah Anderson

Mr. Aldo Barrios

Mr. Seth Brandes

Mr. Ramon Caballero

Ms. Betsy Davis

Ms. Carole Driscoll

Mr. John Gates

Ms. Jane W. Golden

Ms. Terri Gyr

Ms. Yinyin Huang

Mr. Mark Huber

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Gretchen Savedra

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Siriporn Stewart

If you would like to join our growing list of supporters and be recognizd as our patron, please visit our next page and learn how to contribute.