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Founded in 2015, KONTRAPUNKTUS has emerged from the Los Angeles and Orange County classical music scene as one of the most promisingly robust chamber orchestras that has won the hearts and minds of audiences over.

Featuring some of the finest young musicians the "classical" world has to offer, many of whom hail from the prestigious Colburn and Juilliard music conservatories spanning the continental United States, KONTRAPUNKTUS continues to redefine the conventions of what it means to be a chamber orchestra amid a musical demographic landscape that is getting younger by the day.

Our concert productions leave an indelible impression by virtue of our technical execution, which is divine in unearthing 17th and 18th century musical relics and turning them into lost treasures.   

KONTRAPUNKTUS is a chamber orchestra that performs a unique repertoire of Baroque music intended to inspire people from all walks through their exemplary execution and sublime artistry. ​


Our growth brings communities together and serves to galvanize classical music enthusiasts and newcomers, alike, in the context of our inspirational performances so that their newly discovered appreciation for classical music can be passed on to future generations for the sake of preserving the artform.

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