Racial equity within the construct of Kontrapunktus as a performing arts ensemble and an organization will be achieved when its company members and audiences who represent communities that have been historically marginalized because of their race feel fully empowered to have full access to its recruitment, participation and programmatic offerings. As an organization, Kontrapunktus’ leadership team bases its recruitment and selection decisions solely on the merits of an individual's talent and character; therefore, the company acknowledges that is it the team’s responsibility to clearly articulate these values to everyone who is a part of the organization or who is interested in joining the Kontrapunktus team.

As an organization that has been in the forefront of dismantling racial inequities since its inception, the company is  committed to providing resources to marginalized communities that have faced systemic racism, including providing accessible masterclasses, performances and leadership opportunities in partnership with community members who reflect the communities they serve.


Kontrapunktus’ mission statement promotes overcoming divisions through the company’s ability to "captivate and inspire people from all walks" through exemplary talent and sublime artistry as a musical Baroque chamber ensemble. The leadership team will continue to practice this tenet since it serves as the basis from which the organization was founded.